Cristal Resort Boutique Hotel, Residence Club and Spa

Project Team, Location, Details

Malinda Zarate, Founder

Wtih over 15 years of experience in management, sales and marketing within the hospitality and resort industry, Malinda is now ready to develop the project that has been a vision of hers for years. This project is located in the community where she resides, knows intimately…and absolutely loves…Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. There is a real…

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

The Cristal Resort Hotel, Residence Club & Spa is envisioned as an easily accessible, “less stress” getaway for individuals and couples who desire and appreciate boutique ambience, pampering, nature, personal wellness, and outdoor activities. This lovely small resort comprised of beautifully appointed lodging units in 14 buildings on 9+ wooded acres will feature a small…

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Mountain scenery, tall trees, fresh air, clean water…hiking trails, biking paths, kayaking, boating, fantastic golf (nine courses) and even hot thermal springs! Easily accessible location in the South Central US with great amenities, amazing adventure, culture, music, cuisine, history and much more…

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